Click the links to read TV analysis:


America’s Next Top Model + Dr. Phil – Jael Strauss and the Era of Exploitation
America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 17 – Top Modelgate; Bianca, Shannon respond; WHAT DA $&*^ HAPPENED!?
Bates Motel, Season 1 – Mother Knows Best: The Identity of Evil in Bates Motel
Ja’Mie: Private School Girl, Season 1 – Rayon, Ja’Mie, and the Transitioning Face of Oscar
Girls, Season 2 – A Feminist Revolution (If Only for Hannah): Girls Season 2, Episode 5
Girls, Season 1 – Post-Grad, Post-Theory, and Present Dilemma: Girls Season 1
Homeland, Season 3 – The Problem With Perfection; Life, Death, and Homeland
The Walking Dead, Season 4 – A Post-Andrea Apocalypse: Why Can’t Women Survive on The Walking Dead?
The Walking Dead, Season 3 – Andrea and the Boys: Analyzing One of the Most-Hated Characters on Television



Tyra Returns With Top Model: Does the Fashion Industry Care?
Taming Tora: My Interview with The X-Factor Contestant Tora Woloshin
Marble Hornets Web Series Creators Talk Terrifying Audiences and the Future of Digital Media
When Art Becomes the Artist: Top Model Naima Mora is a Melting Pot of Expression

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