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Pop Revolutionary V.V. Brown Roars Back With “Children” (feat. Chiddy)

I’ve been waiting for this day for what feels like ages. And I couldn’t be happier to report that it’s finally. Freaking. HERE!

V.V. Brown returns with an infectiously saccharine, candy-coated electro-infused pop gem “Children”, which features fellow artist Chiddy, released on iTunes today.

The single, the first off her to-be-titled 2012 follow up to “Travelling Like the Light”, harnesses Brown’s signature larger-than-life pipes and marries them to an uplifting, skipping-to-and-fro beat.

Chronicling the lengthy process of crafting of her upcoming album on Twitter (@VVBrown) since she began touring the U.S. with Maroon 5 back in 2010, Brown has hinted at  everything from experimentation with tribal drums to electropop-tinged confections , and “Children” delivers in more ways than one.

The contemporary UK music scene, once a hitmaking juggernaut for up-and-coming ladies since the late Amy Winehouse paved the road nearly 6 years ago, has hit a rough patch as of late. Duffy’s latest tanked, Adele converted to American standards (What? No? I know, but I had to conform her style to fit the point I was trying to make somehow…) and Lily Allen’s all but dropped off the face of the earth. Brown’s drastic departure from the pop-funk vibe that pervaded her freshman LP breathes new life into not only the British front but into the lungs of pop music in general.

Here’s hoping the sophomore LP is as groundbreaking as the first.

Follow Brown’s progress on the album in a series of video and live chat events, which the singer will release over the course of the next month or so on her website, www.vvbrown.com

The first of such teasers:


Listen to (and purchase) the new track on iTunes today.

VV Brown FINALLY Dents the US Charts!


UK native and indie-pop mastermind VV Brown has finally cracked the US Billboard Hot 100 nearly a year after her single, “Shark in the Water”, was released in mid-2009. The track debuted at number 97 on the mainstream chart this morning.

It’s no surprise that VV’s incredibly unique sound took it’s good old time making it’s mark on the notoriously-difficult US commercial market, but I’m glad to report that it’s finally happened! VV’s visionary dominance over the indie-pop genre is clear, using a fresh combination of classic 60s rock-inspired, candy-coated, fiercely-danceable tracks, her debut album Travelling Like the Light remains one of the best of the decade.

Here’s wishing you much more success in the US, VV.

Look for VV on tour this summer with Maroon 5. Tickets can be purchased here

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