Aguilera’s First-Day Sales Not So “Bionic”


This is truly painful to hear. Unfortunately, according to this Billboard article released today, Aguilera’s first day sales for her latest LP, Bionic, are (for lack of better words) catastrophic. First-day sales were projected at under 90,000, with the album expected to shift 100,000-200,000 by next Tuesday. That would sadly make Bionic Aguilera’s weakest entry to date on the Billboard 200.

I can’t say this surprises me in the least, though, considering Aguilera’s every move has been scrutinized and critisized ever since the music video for the so-so “Not Myself Tonight” (Bionic‘s first single) allegedly ripped off the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga. Aguilera’s very obviously-calculated aloofness concerning the situation didn’t exactly help her either, especially when she feigned disinterest in Lady Gaga, labeling the new Princess of Pop a “newcomer” and “fun to look at”. If any of the vainly empowered songs on Bionic are any indication, Aguilera feels a little more threatened by this “newcomer” than she’s letting on. But I’ll save that for the review.

Let’s hope the publicity you’ve got planned for this album works some miracles, Xtina, because you’re gonna need one hell of a bionic turnaround to even come close to the success the “newcomers” are experiencing at this moment. Playing catch up in the game you set the bar for years ago is gonna be a bitch, but here’s to hoping you succeed. I genuinely mean that.

Full review of Bionic coming tomorrow night.