Robyn Speaks Her Body: Announces Deets on 3rd “Talk”


The reigning Queen of underground pop music has announced details concerning the last installment in her truly epic Body Talk series today. The singer confirmed everyone’s speculations that an electrtonically orgasmic reworking of the last acoustic track on Part 2, entitled “Indestructible” would serve as Part 3‘s lead single.

Robyn also revealed the track’s cover art (seen above) which will accompany the single as it is released to the public on November 22nd of this year.

Although all of this comes as infinitely exciting as the second coming of Christ  (well…to me, at least) I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the last bit of information we’ve been given about the LP; it’s actually more of an EP. The complete “album” will include 15 tracks, only 5 of which will be new. The remaining 10 will be the “best” tracks from Part 1 and Part 2.

All gripes aside, though, I think we’re seeing something truly epic happening here that’s reflective of major shifts in the way we’re going to see music released. The trend that was popularized (notice I didn’t say “started by”) by Lady Gaga last year with her 8-track holy grail of music, The Fame Monster, is definitely trickling down through the industry. Kelis released a 9-track album earlier this year, and each of Robyn’s Body Talk albums have been short and sweet (ranging from 6-8 “new” tracks each). And not one of them felt in the least bit rushed or unfinished; completely cohesive, brilliant albums that went above and beyond being short but sweet. I say bring on the more frequent short EP’s…hell, established artists have a hard enough time selling complete albums as it is nowadays *cough* Bionic *cough*.

Look for Body Talk: Part 3 on November 29th.

Update: New Stuff Coming :)

First off, let me just say that this totally kills me:


Watching a trainwreck become a disaster with almost nothing to salvage is truly depressing. Lindsay Lohan might not be a saint, but she’s still a human. And it’s still heartbreaking to watch someone whose been so publicly helpless slip even further through the cracks of her own self-destruction kills me.

I’ve been ridiculously busy lately, but pieces on the Lindsay fiasco to come in the next day or two, along with reviews of new albums by Kylie Minogue, Kelis, a film review of Mother and Child, as well as a few fluff pieces on Raina Hein, M.I.A., Kathy Griffin, and M. Night Shyamalan. Also look out for an interview with pop singer Alex Young by next week! Thanks for reading, I’m almost at 1,000 hits!

Kelis’ New “4th of July” Video is Fire, Fans Flames for “Flesh Tone”


Please please PLEASE click here to see Kelis’ freaking amazing new video for the brilliant single “4th of July (Fireworks). Kelis’ new electronica/dance makeover is the epitome of artistic reinvention and I’m wholly impressed with the dramatic shift in genres that only a true icon in music is capable of. It’s a shame these singles aren’t tearing up the charts, this is honestly Kelis best work since the Kaleidoscope days. The buzz for this thing absolutely NEEDS to build, visionary aesthetic (and phonetic) artistry like this should never go unnoticed.

The new album, Flesh Tone, bumps it’s way into stores on July 6th (an eternity away, if you ask me).