Elle Fanning

Sofia Coppola Debuts “Somewhere” Poster + Trailer


For whatever reason I’ve apparently had my head so far up my ass over the course of the past week, enough to miss huge news and updates from the lastest project, Somewhere, from my favorite director in all of film; Sofia Coppola.

The first full-length trailer and official poster were released last week and all I can say is I’m nothing short of epicly GEEKED beyond words. The film feautures usual Coppola staples…a muted color palette, placid (and a tad timid) cinematography, and fantastic music from Phoenix (Coppola is married to the band’s frontman, Thomas Mars).

If I can gather anything from the trailer, it’s that the film will be a signature Coppola piece…doing for LA what Lost in Translation did for Tokyo.

As if we haven’t been waiting long enough, the release date is currently set for December 22nd, 2010 (in a very wise bid to gun for Oscars, something Marie Antoinette stumbled with due to its just-outside-Oscar-season October release back in 2006).

The film was also a no-show at all of the major film festivals thus far in 2010, which prompted some industry analysts to question the studio’s confidence in the film (or perhaps, their reluctance to show the film at Cannes, where Coppola’s last film, Marie Antoinette, was met with extremely vocalized negative backlash immediately after the showing).

Regardless, I’m nothing short of amazed with the trailer…not to mention beyond excited.

Click here for the amazing trailer.