Hot Wynter; Gordon Teases with New Track, EP in November


Pop singer turned experimental dance/electro/amazingorgasmicelectronicsoundsthatwillmakeyourbrainexplode goddess Wynter Gordon recently released a new track called “Barbed Wire Bracelets” (linked below) as the latest from her is-it-or-isn’t-it-happening album tentatively titled “With the Music I Die” (currently slated for a Q1 2011 release)…and if “Barbed Wire Bracelets” intensely dark dance-pop vibe can tell us anything, it’s that if this complete piece of work ever sees the light of day, we could have something that rivals the gay-gasmic holy grail that was this summer’s first installment of Robyn’s “Body Talk” series.

With tracks like this released (and leaked, for that matter) here and there for the past few years, Gordon has already built an impressive underground following; a following that’s been learning to stop holding its breath when it comes to the release of Wynter’s debut album.

Just the other day, though, Gordon tweeted that an EP simply titled “The First Dance” will be released next month, but by the sounds of things it will only be a ribbon on the complete package of songs she’s already publicly released over the past year (“Toyfriend”, “Dirty Talk”, etc.).

Stop being a cocktease and give us an album, girl. We’re all ready to be blown away.

Listen to “Barbed Wire Bracelets” by clicking here  (trust me, your ears will love you forever).