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Lauren Utter: When Art Itself Becomes the Artist


Lauren Utter, one of the most complex and interesting individuals to appear on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model, often finds herself as the subject of an artist’s vision; she is a model, therefore, becoming the art itself. However, Lauren’s interests extend beyond just posing to create provocative images; she is an artist herself, creating fabulously avant garde pieces that speak volumes within themselves. I’ve had the great pleasure of talking to Lauren on a few occasions and she’s really a blast and great fun to shoot the shit with, and her artwork definitely reflects the mind (and raw talent) of a true artist.

Lauren is currently selling older pieces from her collection, and it would definitely be in your best interest to pick one up. You can click here to view more of her extensive repertoire. Contact info and pricing are all available at the top of the page. This girl is really passionate about what she does, so please help her out and buy some of her amazing artwork!

Look for a PopSmut interview with Lauren in the coming weeks.