Candace Davis

Just a Glimpse…


…into the future of film, as realized by an extremely talented (and amazing friend of mine) rising filmmaking at Edinboro Univeristy–Alice G. Beck. Her latest film, The Most Naive of Questions, features some of my other friends (Candace Davis, Derek Boucher, and Nick “babygirl” Bennett) and truly deserves some attention in the midst of all this Oscar hooplah I’ve been spewing lately. The future of film is just as important as the history being made in the industry right now, and viewing inspiring work from young filmmakers today often takes a backseat to the media-driven frenzy surrounding whatever’s playing at the local cineplex. Take a look at things through Alice’s lens. You might as well do it now, because I have a feeling it’s going to be happening a lot more in the very near future. Bravo, Alice.

Click here to view The Most Naive of Questions