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Godzilla, May ’14 – Godzilla Tips the Balance: Can Blockbusters Still Be Art?
Under the Skin, April ’14 – Of Goddesses and Monsters: The Female Body in Under the Skin
Fruitvale Station, January ’14 – The Beauty of Fibbing, Fiction, and Fruitvale Station
12 Years a Slave, December ’13 – 12 Years a Slave Changes the Game for Historical Dramas
Gravity, October ’13 – The All-Encompassing, Glorious Force of Gravity in Commercial Hollywood
Blackfish, September ’13 – The Evils of Passivity; Blackfish and Viewer Duty
The Hobbit, December ’12 Unexpected Journeys and Blindsiding Gimmicks
Argo, October ’12 – Argo: A Mixed Bag of Conflicted Ideals and Smooth Action
The Dark Knight Rises, July ’12 – Coming Full-Circle: The Dark Knight Rises Runs Rings Around Superhero Fare
Joyful Noise, January ’12 – Just the Opposite; Joyful Title for Disastrous Parton, Latifah Comedy
The Future, September ’11 – The Future is an Intriguing, Baffling, Distant Indie Oddball
Life, Above All, September ’11 – Life, Above All is a Truffaut-Esque Portrait of a Modernizing Africa
A Perfect Host, August ’11 – Imperfect Host Serves Up Mediocre Dish
Submarine, August ’11 – Submarine Plunges Into the Depths of the Teenage Spirit
Viva Riva!, August ’11 – Viva Riva! Is a Refreshing Tread on Familiar Territory
Friends with Benefits, July ’11 – Friends Benefits From Its Stars’ Charisma
Zookeeper, July ’11 – Zookeeper Is for the Birds
Troll Hunter, June ’11 – Norwegian Troll Hunter a Monster Delight
Rubber, June ’11 – We’re Glue; Rubber Bouncess Off the Wall Style Onto Audience, Sticks It Well
Mia and the Migoo, June ’11 – Mia Much of What Americans Already Used To
Untouchable Girls, June ’11 – Untouchable Documentary Exposes Iconic New Zealand Legends
127 Hours, December ’10 – One Arm Lost, One Fabulous Cinematic Experience Gained



2014 CMU International Film Festival: Eat, Sleep, Die – Facing Forward: CMU International Film Festival Showcases Women Behind the Camera
2013 Three Rivers Film Festival Week 1: The Animal Project Bastards – 3RFF First-Week Roundup
2013 Three Rivers Film Festival Preview – Filmic Confluence: Oscar Potential for 3RFF Offerings
2012 Three Rivers Film Festival Week 1: Holy Motors! – Leos Carax Brings Holy Motors! to Pittsburgh
2012 Three Rivers Film Festival Opening Night: Rust and Bone – Rust and Bone Kicks Off Three Rivers Film Festival With a Roar

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