Film Essays

Click the links to read one of my film essays. Click the Oscar Coverage tab above for Awards Season essays.



Finding Summer Sunshine in Tammy Beyond the Muck and the Fat Jokes
Edge of Tomorrow
and the Age of the Great American Flop
I Thought Oscar-Nominee 20 Feet From Stardom Was Down With Sisterhood, Until…
The Beauty of Fibbing, Fiction, and Fruitvale Station
American Hustle, Her, and the War of the Heart
Predator or Sponge? The Role of the Camera in Blue is the Warmest Color + Gravity
12 Years a Slave Changes the Game for Historical Dramas
Captain Phillips and the New American Dream
The Glorious Force of Gravity in Commercial Hollywood
The Evils of Passivity: Blackfish and Viewer Duty
Post-Ripley Feminism in Getaway: How An Awful Film Can Matter
Top 10 of 2012: Why Zero Dark Thirty is the Best, Most Important Film of the Year
Even Pitch Perfect Has Its Thorn: Cynthia Rose and the Gay Stereotype
The Art/Artifice of Aging: Getting Older in Bad Teacher and Young Adult
“Chick” Flicks + Bridesmaids; Sexist Praise is NOT More Beautiful Than Cinderella
Urban Mausoleum: Loneliness and Dependency in Lost in Translation



Mother Knows Best: The Identity of Evil in Bates Motel + Psycho
Sexual Colonialism: Feminine Assimilation in I Spit On Your Grave
The Feminine Mys-beak: Analyzing the Role of the Female in The Birds
Norma & I: Spectatorship and the Female Body in Sunset Boulevard
Taxi Driver Never Sours: Analyzing the End
Two Eras of Terror: Comparing The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Thing
American Pessimism and the Cultural Implications of Night of the Living Dead
New Taiwan Cinema


the walking dead season 4 part 2 michonne


The Trouble with TV Consumption: When Will the Shocker Flatline?
What Can Reactionary Religious Films Learn from Noah?
Rayon, Ja’Mie, and the Transitioning Face of Oscar
Is America Watching or Seeing?
Reality Bites; Film Should, Too
Savoring the “Cinematical” Cord
Sewing Cinema: Stitching Together 2011’s Oscar Greatness, One Costume at a Time


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