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Photo by Danielle Goshay

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Joey Nolfi

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Model Mayhem

My name is Joey Nolfi, and Cinthesis is the product of my passion. After years of blindly following anything and everything that has to do with awards season, pop, celebrity, and socio-artistic culture, I decided it was finally time to create a space where I could share my opinion on whatever it is that’s currently fascinating me in the entertainment world.

I studied Film, English Literature, and Fine Art/Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in 2012 with a 3.8 QPA, despite my parents’ insistence that I study something “marketable.” Desperately seeking to avoid the usual post-grad liberal arts slump, I’m aspiring to work as a filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, photographer, and nonfiction essayist, or an epic hybrid of each.

So far, my works have been published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, East End Fashion Magazine, RadioChumps, Reality Dish Online, The Montour Monitor, Naima Mora Online, and KillerReviews.

You can stare at me in various photo spreads (East End Fashion Magazine, Naima Mora Online, Highway Robbery Vintage Boutique, etc.) and music videos (holla, Mac Miller’s “Knock Knock”), too.

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