Month: April 2013


61,000 views in my absence? I’m astounded. But, obviously, I’ve been taking some time off of this blog to catch up on other ventures. I have interviews with local and international artists (Erica Hopson of Editorial Magazine, Avess Arshad of Baby Tap), film reviews, and loads of TV analysis (Bates Motel and the Walking Dead finale are just begging for my feminist critique) in the next few weeks while I (pardon my French) get my shit together. I just find it necessary to break from writing here and there to gather my thoughts and push forward. I have to absorb in order to produce, so I’ve been taking in a lot of creative nonfiction lately, watching tons of wondrously-written films (Tiny Furniture is growing on me as one of my favorite screenplays), and getting inspired to expand my writing beyond its little blog-based origins I’ve yet to outgrow.

I’m coming back. Soon.

(I promise).

– J