Li Bingbing to play Ada Wong in ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’

Milla Jovovich took to Twitter today to announce a tasty morsel of casting info concerning her latest flick, the next installment in the Resident Evil franchise.

According to the model/musician/actress;

Drum roll please! So, Ada Wong in RE5 is being played by Chinese actress Li Bingbing! We’re so excited! Check get [sic] out on imdb!
While this news certainly excites me, I’m a bit reluctant to see my Milla don (and handmake, mind you) another one of Alice’s tattered-and-torn costumes in the film series loosely-OK-not-really based on the string of videogames by the same title. Her dramatic chops have proven themselves worthy of a meatier role (Stone, anyone?) so it’s about time she shed the action heroine bit.
On the bright side, the fact that Ada Wong, one of my favorite characters from the second Resident Evil game (holla, PS1 fanboys!) , will be sloshing through swarms of the undead in the next installment of the films has my interest slightly piqued. Leon Kennedy will also make an appearance in the next film, played by Johann Urb.
Li Bingbing graced screens earlier this year with a turn in Snow Flower and Secret Fan.
Let’s just hope, for hilarity’s sake, that the bright red cocktail dress and heels remain an integral asset to Wong’s zombie slaying aresenal and its transition from console to screen.

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