A New Direction

As most of you loyal readers (I can actually say that I have those now…for real) have probably noticed, this blog has pretty much been inactive since the final Oscar was handed out a few months ago. Contrary to popular belief, I certainly did not die from my bitter (alright…”violent”) reaction to The King’s Speech winning Best Picture, so this was not the reason I’ve been neglecting this blog. School swamped me this past semester, not gonna lie in the slightest. What I feared would happen ended up…well…actually happening. You see, my major (and life’s passion) deals with the art of cinema. I’m a Film Studies (I bolded that for those of you who automatically think any major in film is the same as another), in other words I can totally beast a 12 page paper on the aesthetic qualities of the French New Wave, but you’re shit out of luck if you want me to shoot a motion picture and present it as an assumed coherent piece of art. Basically, I don’t fuck with film production; studying the art is my game. And I’ve loved doing just that ever since I can remember. Countless weekend hours spent watching movies in my room instead of going out to parties like the “normal” kids, going to a 1:00 PM showing of The Queen without any other people in the room under the age of 60…this is how I spent high school. I used film as a distraction from doing real work while I attended the University of Pittsburgh’s Johnstown branch campus before I could transfer to the Oakland campus. I managed fantastic grades and maintained my passion for film amidst a hick wasteland where the only theater in town played the latest superhero/sequel/PG-13 horror film for about 5 weeks straight until the next corporate schlock managed to slither its way onto the screens of Johnstown (I swear the people there are direct, unevolved descendants of the fools who ran from the train at the Grand Cafe in Paris…”them pictures is movin’ up on the screen!”) [side note: yes, I know people didn’t actually run from the train on the screen at the Grand Cafe, I just needed to make a point].

But when I arrived at the Oakland campus to study the artistic realm of the moving picture, I began to associate it with school. I can safely say I’m much more intellectual about film and my approach to it, but I seem to have lost some of my passion for it. The last thing you want to do after taking 4 exams on Film Theory and writing 2 papers on film movements or aesthetics is sit down and watch a movie. At least that’s how it is for me. I’m currently re-developing my love for the art during the summer, but that too will soon fall victim to work vs. passion; I’m about to begin a 4-month stay at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s entertainment section as an intern. Doing what? You guessed it; screening and reviewing movies. This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Sharing my own bitchy opinionated ideals on a large, published, city-wide scale is all I want to do. Hopefully the next step for me is somewhere along the lines of Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, or even Premiere. Variety might be overshooting it. But I can dream, eh?

I’ve also had a couple of things published locally around Pittsburgh…two fashion magazines have taken an interest in my writings and are publishing my interviews (with Paris Nicholson and Naima Mora of America’s Next Top Model) and articles, so that’s very exciting.

I guess as my dreams are being realized, I’m losing a sense of what made me love them in the first place considering I’m now associating them with work and stress. But I have done quite a bit for myself over the years…I’ve got a ton of writing credits, have interviewed some amazing people (Naima, for example, and Alex Young, Jenn Hoffman…all notable people who have professionally worked with people such as Kanye West, Janice Dickinson, etc.), and the modeling/acting thing is going well too (peep your boy lighting up the screens on late night MTV in the “Knock Knock” video by Mac Miller…yeah, I can’t believe it either).

All I’m saying is that this blog is probably going to be heading in a new direction once the Post-Gazette places into persepective everything I’ve ever wanted to do.

Stay tuned, bitches. Shit’s about to get interesting.

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