Month: August 2010

ANTM Cycle 15 Girls In The Haus


Initial impressions? I can’t say I’m more excited about the girls than I am about the technical surroundings of the upcoming cycle, but I guess these girls will have to suffice. Leave it to ANTM to bring in some of the most unmodelesque-looking girls (that buttery smooth goblin in the back row on the right? ummmm gtfo, please) for arguable the most high-fashion-oriented cycles the show has ever seen.

Full article/impressions surrounding the fashion-gasm deets of this stepped-up cycle coming later tonight!

I’m Back!

I’ve finally had some time to at least think for myself these past couple of days, and I’m so geeked to say I’m ready to get blogging again! Check back for updates on a regular basis…they’ll be happening once again! 🙂