Thunderheist Is No More :(


"The end has come... bitter sweet to say the least. Thank you all for the 3.5 great years of craziness. Look out for our seperrate projects. xxo -isis"

Those words from former (*frown*) Thunderheist frontwoman Isis Salam run like a knife through my heart. Persistent rumors of a Thunderheist parting-of-ways have been circulating for months, but this confirmation posted on the duo's official twitter earlier today makes the depressing truth altogether more...well...true.

The brilliant musical stylings of Thunderheist are truly a rare and beautiful thing. Defying genre standards (of the countless genres their sound could possibly be sub-categorized into) and breaking boundaries on the underground club scene in Toronto, Thunderheist created mind-bogglingly amazing sounds whose originality and danceability remains (and will remain) unrivaled for the forseeable future.

Salam shared the two-person electronic beat monstrosity alongside Graham Bertie, both of whom will be pursuing solo projects in the near future. A glimpse here of what is to come for Salam can be viewed by viewing her official myspace music page here .

Thunderheist will go down as one of the greatest underground-electronic-funk-urban-sex-as-music creations in indie music history.

So sad to see this amazing thing come to an end. Best of luck to both Isis and Graham. Now please excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.

View Thunderheist's video for "Nothing2Step2" by clicking here.


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