PopSmut Loves: glowpinkstah


Saying something like “It doesn’t really matter if you get them perfect because you’re gonna end up crying anyway…you’re mouth is gonna be permanently opened onto someone’s asshole” with a completely straight face takes skill. Like, epic amounts of skill. But the girl who is able to do it (with finesse) goes by “glowpinkstah” on a youtube video she simply titles “Human Centipede Makeup Tutorial”. If anyone in the independent cinema world is familiar with the aforementioned film, you know it involves…well…people being savagely sewn together in mouth-to-asshole fashion. Not necessarilly a film you’d um…aspire to aesthetically recreate. glowpinkstah is obviously mocking the countless makeup tutorials made by the pretentiously-smitten-with-their-own-kinda-horrific makeup “artistry” and posted on youtube. Oh, and if you think this girl’s serious, you probably fall into the aforementioned category of makeup “artists”. Just saying, because the sad part is that of the 147,000 + views for the video, only about 5 of them actually get the magnificent parody that’s unfolding right before their eyes. This girl’s delivery has just the right amount of implied aloofness with a hint of bitchy authority, yet she still plays her character extremely well. I have to say I kind of lose my shit when she starts the fake crying. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. It’s a rare find on youtube; intelligent, calculated humor with an unabashed agenda aimed at those who, well, won’t really get it at all. But I guess that’s the hilarity of it all…congratulations, glowpinkstah, PopSmut officially loves you.

Watch her hilarious video here


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