What Is PopSmut? Well, Glad You Asked…

PopSmut is the product of my passion. After years of blindly following anything and everything that has to do with pop, celebrity, and socio-artistic culture, I decided it was finally time to create a space where I could share my opinion on whatever it is that’s currently fascinating me in the entertainment world. PopSmut rapes and pillages fashion, film, pop culture, and music; from news to celebrity interviews to generally cutting up on whatever I see fit, PopSmut takes my dirty fascination with the artistic medium of entertainment and publicly exposes it.

To art I’m bound forever.

Welcome to my dirty little pleasure. This is PopSmut.

What to Look For In the Future:

– Celebrity Interviews with Lauren Utter + Gabrielle Kniery (America’s Next Top Model), Alex Young (Recording Artist), Baby Tap (Recording Artist) and Jenn Hoffman (Celebrity Photographer)

– Film, Music, and Television Reviews

– Personal Artwork/Photography

– General Perspectives on Pop Culture, Entertainment, Art, and Fashion


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